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Event Vision

1st Australia Qipao Business Week is an Australia-wide effort co-launched by ABC World Pty Ltd and Australia China Entrepreneurs Club. It is a large culture and business event aiming to advance public awareness about uniqueness of Chinese culture, diversify daily life of communities, embrace multi-culturalism celebration within the country, and explore potential business, in-bound tourism and philanthropy opportunities.

Event Mission

1st Australia Qipao Business Week aims at involving more Australian, both with and without Chinese background, to have chances experiencing Qipao culture in person, creating access to a broad array of business resources, nurturing potential chances of business co-operation and in-bound tourism, and seeking contribution to good causes.

Event Programme


1st Australia Qipao Business Week Opening Ceremony+‘One Road and Belt Initiative’ Australia China Business Forum

Date & Time: 13/02/2017 11am-4pm

City: Canberra

Venue: Members’ Dining Room 1, Old Parliament House

According to China’s brand new developing strategy, the so-called ‘One Road And Belt Initiative’, the Forum explored opportunities and challenges that had been supplied by the Initiative to Australian business. The sought-after topic ‘Challenges and Opportunities Facing Development of High Speed Rail in Australia’ was covered in the Forum. The guest speech ‘How to Enhance Business Brands in Effective Ways under the Era of New Media’ attracted high interest among the audience.

The Forum also invited prominent entrepreneurs to share and discuss their understanding about Australia-China investment opportunities, and new chances for tourism industry between the two countries. Traditional Chinese business culture was also analysized to help Australian business shape better strategies when dealing with Chinese market.360截图20170228161349909

Parliament House Chinese New Year Celebration & ‘2016 Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia  Award Ceremony’ Gala Dinner

Date & Time: 13/02/2017 6pm-9pm

City: Canberra

Venue: Great Hall, Parliament of Australia

The Gala Dinner was grandly and ceremoniously held in festive ‘Chinese theme’ to celebrate Chinese New Year in Australia. The showcase of the beauty and elegance of Qipao was highlighted in the celebration. High-profile government representatives from both Australia and China attended the Dinner. Hon. Julie Bishop, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, delivered welcome speech and expressed her heartfelt congratulations on the grand opening of 1st Australia Qipao Business Week. On Prime Minister Hon. Malcolm Turnbull’s behalf, Mr. Zed Seselja read out Mr. Turnbull’s congratulation letter to this week-long business-and-culture mega event. Mr. Wei Cai, Minister of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Australia, and Ms. Rachel Stephen-Smith, Minister for Multicultural Affairs at ACT Government, also delivered keynote speeches at Dinner. They believed that 1st Australia Qipao Business Week had played a significant role to promote both business and culture exchanges between Australia and China, which was of more importance during China-Australia Tourism Year. Dr. Geoff Raby, former Australian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, delivered a keynote speech about ‘how Australia should position itself in the current US-Australia-China triangle relationship under Donald Trump’s presidency’. The ‘2016 Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia’ and ‘2016 Young Chinese Pioneers in Australia’ Award Ceremony were held during the celebration.360截图20170228161455076

Australia China Investment Seminar

Date & Time: 16/02/2017 3pm-5pm

City: Sydney

Venue: Theatrette, Parliament of NSW

This Forum was a not-to-miss opportunity that introduced Australian business a rewarding platform to explore and study the key aspects of Chinese market and updated market trends.

Guest speeches specifically talked about:

  1. Australian Mining Industry to Rise out of the Downturn in 2017
  2. From Australian Leading Financial Media: Real Investment Challenges and Opportunities Facing Australia and China
  3. New Opportunity for Tourism Industry in Australia and China

Investment showcase from wine industry was presented during the Forum, covering:

How Australian Wine Industry Shapes Better Strategies to Enhance Brand Image within Chinese Market. Panel discussion on ‘How to Enhance Business Brands in Effective Ways under the Era of New Media’ discussed popular topics at present, including Australia-China cross-border e-Commerce, business innovation under new media age, ‘online celebrities’ economics, etc.360截图20170228161610865

Australia China Entrepreneurs Networking Drink 1st Australia Qipao Business Week Charity Dinner

Date & Time: 16/02/2017 5pm-9pm

City: Sydney

Venue: Stranger’s Dining Room, Parliament of NSW

This business networking opportunity will be a highly-established function where industry leaders and business elite from Australia and China gathered around, sharing in-depth industry knowledge, investment experiences, etc. It was a not-to-miss opportunity to meet peers, developing personal relationships and seeking value-matching business partners. The high-profile Charity Dinner sent 1st Australian Qipao Business Week to the blast. Hon. John Sidoti, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Cabinet, delivered welcome speech to the audience. Mr. Reginald Little, Former Australian Deputy Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, delivered a keynote speech about latest policies and trend on current US-Australia-China relationship. Participated by Hon. Andrew Stoner, Former Deputy Premier of New South Wales, and other industry experts, a panel discussion provided an in-depth review of the latest policies and trend on Australian Business Migration and Its Latest Policies. Proudly highlighting the theme of Qipao again, the Dinner also raised funds for Children’s Medical Research Institute via auction to make proud contribution to local charity affairs.360截图20170224140750340


1st Australia China Digital Economy Forum & 1st Australia Qipao Business Week Closing Ceremony

Date & Time: 20/02/2017, 12pm-10pm

City: Melbourne

Venue: Queen’s Hall, Parliament of Victoria

The Forum invited industry experts from China digital marketing field to discuss popular topics at present, such as Cross Border e-Commerce with China, Australia-China digital marketing, new media marketing, live video marketing, and how these newly-growing marketing trends will impact Australian business, especially those who seek for ‘China Opportunity’. The Closing Ceremony gathered government representatives and businesses celebrities from Australia and China to witness the launch of LETV Australia and Australia China Digital Marketing Association. 1st Australia Qipao Business Week Organising Committee’s keynote speech at the Closing Ceremony marked successful ending of this year’s event, and delivered best wishes to 2nd Australia Qipao Business Week in the coming year.

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