Australian Week in Hunan – Showcasing Australia in Hunan and Beyond


Australian Week in Hunan

Showcasing Australia in Hunan and Beyond

Changsha, Hunan       18th-25th September 2019

  • Background

China and Australia are the beneficiaries of global trade and also two complementary economies. The economic win-win situation of China-Australia economic and trade cooperation is the ballast stone of bilateral trade between the two countries. After the past 30 years of joint efforts, China-Australia economic and trade relations have made remarkable achievements.

In the trade sector, from the short to the medium term, Australian consumer goods, especially food and beverages, health products, cosmetics, high technology, mining resources, education and tourism will continue to enjoy the benefits of the growing Chinese market. In the long period of 5 to 10 years or even longer the service industry, especially personal growth services and entertainment, professional training, unique and tailor-made consumer goods, state-of-the-art biotechnology, high-tech and financial services will enjoy huge growing and diversified market opportunities in China. In the investment field, unique strategic resources, Australia’s globally competitive industries and state-of-the-art technology will always be favored by Chinese investors. China’s growing service industry is the engine of economic growth. The bilateral relationship between China and Australia exists not only in mining, education and tourism, but also in extensive cooperation. Since the Liberal Party took office in 2013, Australia has established itself with innovation and South Australia innovation has arguably led the whole of Australia. South Australia is said to have become the venture capital of Australia and even the world. The rise of China’s scientific and technological power can actually bring some help to Australian companies.

  • Theme

With the theme of Sino-Australian business culture exchanges, Australian Week in Hunan will be timely to resolve the trend of economic development of the two countries, and analyze the strengths and weakness of these two different economics. This event also aims at promoting the complementarities and integration of the business cultures of the two countries, and building cooperation bridges for Australian and Chinese enterprises to explore emerging investment fields.

  • Theme Activities

 Event 1: “Aussies’ China Tour in Zhuzhou” – Visit at the headquarters of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric and experience Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART), the world’s first trackless tram (18th September 2019, Zhuzhou, Hunan)

Event 2: Australia-China Innovation Summit – investment immigration manager of the South Australian Immigration Bureau, the head of the Australian venture capital fund, the venture capital enterprise, the corresponding enterprises of Hunan Venture Capital and the political and business leaders will attend. (19th  September 2019, location needs to be confirmed)

Event 3: China International Food & Catering Expo Opening Gala – networking with local and foreign political and business representatives (19th September)

Event 4: China International Food & Catering Expo – Australia Pavilion, W3 Hall of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, 600+ square meters professional platform with 30+ Australian Exhibitors organized by Australia China Entrepreneurs Club (Duration: 20th September to 22nd September) .

Event 5: Australian Night Networking Drink – Sponsored by Australia’s century-old vine winery, HARVEST VINEYARDS, on-site sharing of wine brewing, tasting expertise – invitation only (20th September 2019, 5-Star hotel in Changsha).

Event 6: “Lucky Country-Australian Business Opportunity Exchange” (Travel, Study Abroad, Immigration, Hunan Talent Export and Labor Export, Real Estate, Investment, Listing, etc. 7:00 pm on 22nd September 2019, including the investment immigration manager of the South Australian Immigration Bureau Promotion, tentatively scheduled at Sheraton Changsha)

Event 7: “Australian Opportunities” for Chinese Entrepreneurs and “China Opportunities” for Australian Entrepreneurs (7:00 pm on 24th September 2019, 2 hours in duration, 1 hour promotion between China and Australia, plus one hour networking drinking, tentatively scheduled at Sheraton Changde)

  •  Date

18th September 2019 – 25th September 2019

  • Cities

Changsha, Zhuzhou and Changde

  •  Target Attendees
  • Australia-China import and export trade related companies and individuals
  • Related companies and individuals in the venture capital field
  • Companies and individuals looking for business opportunities in Australia and China
  • Individuals interested in Australia immigration and education

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Ph: +612 9280 1155

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