Australian Week in Hunan – Showcasing Australia in Hunan and Beyond


Australian Week in Hunan

Showcasing Australia in Hunan and Beyond

Changsha, Hunan       18th-25th September 2019

  • Background

China and Australia are the beneficiaries of global trade and also two complementary economies. The economic win-win situation of China-Australia economic and trade cooperation is the ballast stone of bilateral trade between the two countries. After the past 30 years of joint efforts, China-Australia economic and trade relations have made remarkable achievements.

In the trade sector, from the short to the medium term, Australian consumer goods, especially food and beverages, health products, cosmetics, high technology, mining resources, education and tourism will continue to enjoy the benefits of the growing Chinese market. In the long period of 5 to 10 years or even longer the service industry, especially personal growth services and entertainment, professional training, unique and tailor-made consumer goods, state-of-the-art biotechnology, high-tech and financial services will enjoy huge growing and diversified market opportunities in China. In the investment field, unique strategic resources, Australia’s globally competitive industries and state-of-the-art technology will always be favored by Chinese investors. China’s growing service industry is the engine of economic growth. The bilateral relationship between China and Australia exists not only in mining, education and tourism, but also in extensive cooperation. Since the Liberal Party took office in 2013, Australia has established itself with innovation and South Australia innovation has arguably led the whole of Australia. South Australia is said to have become the venture capital of Australia and even the world. The rise of China’s scientific and technological power can actually bring some help to Australian companies.

  • Theme

With the theme of Sino-Australian business culture exchanges, Australian Week in Hunan will be timely to resolve the trend of economic development of the two countries, and analyze the strengths and weakness of these two different economics. This event also aims at promoting the complementarities and integration of the business cultures of the two countries, and building cooperation bridges for Australian and Chinese enterprises to explore emerging investment fields.

  • Theme Activities

Event 1: China Innovation Case Studies – Trackless Tram/Biotec firms/startups (18th September)

  • AM delegation visit at CRRC in Zhuzhou, one of the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies. Lunch discussions and Q & A sessions
  • PM experience the first trackless tram in the world/visit other startups and teck firms

Event 2: China International Food & Catering Expo Opening Gala Dinner – networking with local and foreign political and business representatives (19th September, limited by invitation)

  • We propose to invite Mr. Graham Fletcher, the newly appointed Australian Ambassador to the event.
  • We propose to invite five Australian celebrity chefs are invited to showcase Australian cuisine on site; all ingredients are supplied from Australia. The highlight would be five Aussie celebrity chefs vs five Chinese Xiangcai Master chefs. The proposed locations are both at the Gala Opening Night and the Sheraton Hotel Changsha.

Event 3: China International Food & Catering Expo – Australia Pavilion, W3 Hall of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, 600+ square meters professional platform with 30+ Australian Exhibitors organized by Australia China Entrepreneurs Club (Duration: 20th September to 22nd September) . Estimated number of participants: 200K+

Event 4: Australian Night Networking Drink & Food Extravaganza – An opportunity to enjoy Australia’s century-old vine winery, HARVEST VINEYARDS, meeting the local HNWI and celebrity and entrepreneurs. On-site plenty of Aussie BBQ, plus Chinese food, Sea food etc, sharing of wine brewing, tasting expertise – invitation only (21th September 2019, 5-Star Sheraton hotel in Changsha). Local HNWI and entrepreneurs would be invited to this exclusive event.

Event 5: Ribbon cutting ceremony for Signing of Strategic Partnership Agreement of ABC World& Gaoqiao Market, witnessed by Australian celebrities, exhibitors and Chinese government officials in Hunan Province.  Seminar about Australia to business owners in Gaoqiao that has turnover of more than 15m yuan, “Lucky country- Australian Opportunities” (Immigration, Property, Study, Investment etc)

Event 6: Night Cruise along the Tao Huayuan,( Garden of Peach Blossom), with shows dating back about 2000 years.

Event 7: “Australian Opportunities” for Chinese Entrepreneurs and “China Opportunities” for Australian Entrepreneurs (7:00 pm on 24th September 2019, 2 hours in duration, 1 hour promotion for both China and Australia representatives, plus one hour networking drinking, on-site signing ceremony for wine, coffee, black tea, tourism, education, catering, study tours and other projects. tentatively scheduled at Sheraton Changde)

  •  Date

18th September 2019 – 25th September 2019

  • Cities

Changsha, Zhuzhou and Changde

  •  Target Attendees
  • Australia-China import and export trade related companies and individuals
  • Related companies and individuals in the venture capital field
  • Companies and individuals looking for business opportunities in Australia and China
  • Individuals interested in Australia immigration and education

One of the highlights of the Australia Week in Hunan is certainly the annual China International Food & Catering Expo (CFCE) that coincides the Australia themed Week, which would certainly help promote our exporters in its popularity in a variety of China’s traditional as well as social media.

Hunan has it all –ranging from the most popular TV station “Hunan Satelite TV” or earliest and traditional Chinese radio stations and newspaper and magazines. Your popularity is almost assured!

In the Australia Service Hub (ASH) of “Australian Pavilion” in CFCE between 20 Sept to 22 Sept, local Chinese participants as well as many other provinces plus participants of 40+ countries would have the opportunity to enjoy anything Australian, or query anything about Australia.  ASH would be furnished by dedicated professionals from Australia, who understand the importance of going to 2nd or even 3rd tier cities and decide to give it a go, in the area of tourism, education, real estate, finance, wealth and asset management, innovation and Venture Capital, IPO, immigration etc.

About China International Food & Catering Expo (CFCE)

China International Food & Catering Expo (CFCE) is a key exhibition in the field of domestic trade circulation. Since its inception in 2016, CFCE has developed into a major event, with continuous improvement in terms of specialization, marketization and internalization. At the annual mega-event, thousands of high-quality food and catering brands at home and abroad showcased their offering to over 100,000 domestic and overseas visitors from food and catering dealers, agents, traders, institutions and procurement departments.

CFCE 2019 will be hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Hunan Province at Changsha International Convention & Exhibition Center on September 20 to 22, 2019. To fully demonstrate the advantageous resources of Hunan’s food and catering industry, Meat Expo China and 2nd China Hunan Cuisine Food Material E-Commerce Festival will be held at the same time. CFCE 2019 will build special exhibition areas for coffee, food materials, catering, grains and oil, ceramics and franchise chains as well as a comprehensive import exhibition area, to showcase featured products, industrial strengths and development trends in the field of food and catering at home and abroad. As one of the best –organized special exhibition in central China, CFCE has gradually developed into a platform to standardize the administration of the food circulation and catering industry, serve food and catering enterprises, roll out development trends and policies for the food and catering industry, showcase advanced techniques, high-quality products and new business models, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, making itself No. 1 among exhibitions for domestic trade circulation in the food and catering industry!

2018 CFCE Statistics

  • Exhibition area 81,000 m2, up by 35% year on year
  • 13 special exhibition areas and 4 concurrent exhibitions (Meat Expo China 2018, 2018 China Hunan Cuisine Food Material E-Commerce Festival, Trade Fair for Famous, High-Quality, Special and New Grain and Oil Products, Equipment and Technology of Hunan and 1st China (Changsha) Exhibition for High-End and Hospitality Ceramics)
  • 1500 food and catering exhibitors from 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, including 14 cities and prefectures of Hunan Province and 27 foreign countries and regions
  • 151,064 Visitors, including 42,132 trade visitors

A Desirable Commercial Platform to Establish Business Opportunities

Feedback from Exhibitors

  • Yuanjiang Asparagus: CNY 4 million worth of purchase orders reached through Exhibition;
  • Changde Taoyuan selenium-rich rice: CNY 1.1 million worth of intention orders;
  • Changde Hezhou turtle: CNY 2.4 million worth of intention order reached for the turtle;
  • Hubei Sandeli Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.: Inquiries from60 clients, CNY 3 million woth of potential orders;
  • Madajie Catering Management Co., Ltd.: A cash flow of CNY 400,000 only in three and half days; CNY 1 million worth of intention orders;
  • The Department of Commerce of Jinlin Province’s delegation: CNY 7.5 million worth of agreements to sell rice and corn inked;
  • Xinran Trade Co., Ltd.: A deal worth USD 110,000 with PAXRATDIN ATABAYEV TRADE CO., LTD. from Uzbekistan on tea products;
  • Poliwu International Co., Ltd.: A deal worth USD 185,000 with Chanterelle Catering Company from Chile on coffee products;
  • Vegeta Food Ltd., with Weihai Haina Foodstuff Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Juhui Food Co., Ltd.: A deal worth USD 100,000 reached.

Professional Exhibition Areas

CFCE includes exhibition areas for food material, coffee beverage, tea, wine, leisure and functional foods, food package, domestic ceramic, catering chains and franchises. The exhibition areas will gather well-known professional food and catering enterprises and chains at home and abroad, and showcase special food and beverage, new organic food materials, food packaging machinery and utensils as well as latest food products and outcomes. CFCE will promote the link between upstream and downstream sectors in food and catering industry, and thus creates a one-step procurement platform for you.

Independent 20,000 m2 Imported Food Exhibition Area

Selected quality international famous brands and enterprises from over 20 countries and regions will be invited to showcase authentic foreign leisure foods, wine, dairy products and meat to encourage upgraded consumptions.

Categories of Buyers

  • Food, catering and franchise business associations at home and abroad
  • Professional food and catering purchasers from provincial and municipal governments across the country
  • Non-local chambers of commerce in Hunan Province and Hunan cuisine industry organizations
  • Large supermarket chains, convenient stores and relevant suppliers
  • Large dealers, agents wholesalers and traders of renowned brands
  • Nationally well-know professional markets for food, tea, wine and other industries
  • Hotels, catering enterprises and educational institutions in Hunan Province and beyond
  • Professional media, Wechat business and e-commerce platforms within the industry

Professional Visitors of CFCE 2018 (partially)

China Non-Staple Food Circulation Association / Shanxi Chain Stores & Franchise Association / Qinghai Halal Food Industry Association / Food Logistics Commission of China National Food Industry Association / Shandong  Tourist Hotels Association / Xinjiang Corps Food Industry Association / Guangdong Hunan Cuisine Research Society / Chongqing Chain Operations Association / Urumqi Halal Food  Association / Fujian Food Industry Association / Chongqing Retailer Association / Yunnan Green (Organic) Food Industry Association / Fujian Chain Store & Franchise Association / Chongqing Cuisine Association / Pu’er Coffee Association / Fujian Restaurants Cuisine Association / Chengdu Retail Business Association / Hunan Cuisine Industry Association / Jiangsu Catering Industry Association / Guizhou Catering Industry Association / Hunan Chain Store & Franchise Association / Shanxi Catering Industry Association / Guizhou Specialty Food Industry Promotion Association / Hunan Food Industry Confederation / Shanxi Cuisine Restaurant and Hotel Trade Association / Jiangxi Food Industry Association / Hunan Cuisine Industry Promotion Committee / Shanxi Baked Food Industry Association / Hubei Cuisine Hotel Industry Association / Changsha Retail Business Association

All-round Upgrading the Marketing Plan

The exhibition will be promoted through such channels as industrial and portal Websites at home and abroad, TV and radio reports, high-speed railway station/ metro station advertisement, newspaper/ magazine news and ads, setting a call center to invite professional buyers, sending text massages to buyers for reminding their attendance, releasing exhibition news via Wechat and e-mail, visits to professional markets and industry associations across the country, press conferences, promotion conferences at home and abroad, participation in similar exhibitions throughout the country and placement of large advertisement in professional markets.

Why Attend?

  • Beijing Authoritative and Offering New Exhibition Experience

CFCE is a top industrial event hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Hunan Province. The venue, Changsha International Convention & Exhibition Center, enjoys complete facility and convenient transportation.

  • Multiple Exhibition and Marvelous Integration

Meat Expo China, China Franchise Chain Expo, China Food Expo, China Catering Industry Expo, Hunan Cuisine Cultural Festival and China (Changsha) International Food Expo are to be held simultaneously. 300,000 professional buyers within the entire industry chain will attend CFCE.

  • Professional Exhibition Areas and Upgraded Service Quality

CFCE has 6 professional exhibition halls with professional exhibition areas and comprehensive exhibition areas. The professional exhibition areas include those for food materials, prefabricated foods, franchise chains, grain and oil, meat, coffee beverage, well-known catering and tea; the comprehensive exhibition areas include those for nationwide general foods, time-honored brands, imports and Hunan specialties. This will provide visitors with access to whole industry chain through one-stop service.

  • Professional Team to Match Exhibitors with Targeted Buyers

A special buyer invitation team will select and invite 500,000 professional buyers recordd in our database one by one, not only those from southern, central, eastern and northern regions of China but also from abroad. CFCE will join hands with exhibitors at home and abroad to invite VIP purchasers. A special buyer purchase route is set up to attract more professional buyers.

  • High-quality Concurrent Events to Bolster Synergy within the Industry

During CFCE, over 20 concurrent events will be held to make it a gathering of celebrities in the domestic food and catering industry.

  • Complete and Professional Promotion System to Attract Wide Attention

High-speed railway station, airport, subway, bus, community ladder sign, parking gateway, public radio, overpass, road flag, TV advertisement, professional website and magazine, Taobao live broadcast and celebrities on Wechat and Weibo and other resources will be integrated into a powerful publicizing system.

Registration Options to Attend

For registration, sponsorship or any further details about Australian Week in Hunan, please contact Australia China Entrepreneurs Club (ACEC) via:


Ph: +612 9280 1155     Mobile:0426956003

WeChat: iabcclub


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