Apology to Chairman Mr. Richard Yuan by Daily Mail Australia


2020年8月21日, “每日邮报”澳洲版在周末版头版为抹黑华商抗疫慈善活动向袁祖文主席公开道歉, 原文是这样写的:
On 21 Aug 2020, the Australian version of the “Daily Mail” published their apology to Chairman Mr. Richard (Zuwen) Yuan on the front page of the weekend Edition for discrediting Chinese businessmen’s anti-epidemic charity activities. The original text is written like this:

2020年5月2日,《澳大利亚每日邮报》在澳大利亚《每日邮报》网站上发表了一篇有关袁祖文(理查德·袁)的文章,标题为“揭露:从武汉飞往悉尼的波音747神秘的’慈悲航班’的真相,由冠状病毒传播中心运来急需的医疗物资, 所有货物原机被退回”。
On 2 May 2020, Daily Mail Australia published an article about Richard Yuan on the Daily Mail Australia website entitled “Revealed: What really happened to mysterious ‘mercy flight’ from Wuhan to Sydney- Boeing 747 carrying much-needed medical supplies from coronavirus epicentre was turned around with all its cargo on board”.

The article suggested that Mr Yuan attempted to sell a shipment of medical supplies to the Australian government in the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic.

袁先生已向《澳大利亚每日邮报》(Daily Mail Australia)表示,他并非试图从货运中获利,而是打算将其捐赠给当地社区。
Mr Yuan has advised Daily Mail Australia that he did not seek to profit from the shipment of supplies, but rather intended that they be donated to local communities.

《澳大利亚每日邮报》接受了这种说法,并毫无保留地向袁祖文(理查德·袁Richard Yuan)道歉认错,并撤回了该文章中针对他的所有指控。
Daily Mail Australia accepts that this is the case and unreservedly apologises to Richard Yuan for the errors, and retracts the allegations made about him in that article.

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