Is South Australia Asia-ready?


The Chairman of the Australia China Entrepreneurs Club (ACEC Club) and ABC World, Mr Richard Yuan believes more can be done to become Asia-ready in a special event in Adelaide, with a theme on “Investors, Welcome to SA and ABC World Signage Unveiling Ceremony”, to be attended by about 30 of its High Net Worth Investors from China, Vietnam, PNG and the US this Friday, 23rd November, 2018.


While encouraging Asian investors to be Australia-ready, Mr. Yuan stressed that South Australia should be Asia-ready to take full advantage of growing Asian trade and investment opportunities now and into the future.


“Today, trade and investment opportunities with Asia abound like never before.  Essentially, we are witnessing unprecedented economic growth and wealth creation in Asia. This has spawned a new breed of middle-class consumers and a momentous opportunity for Australia to leverage off this growth and prosper as a key Asian partner.”


Mr Yuan also congratulated the South Australia Marshall Liberal Government for opening South Australia’s new trade and investment office in Shanghai in November 2018 and for making signigicant inroads in boosting business confidence since coming to power.


“Undoubtably, this level of representation in China will unlock increased trade and investment opportunities between South Australia and China. Creating a pro-business environment in South Australia, is a welcoming sign to Asian companies and investors that South Australia is genuinely open for business. In addition, South Australia should also prioritise to foster long-term partnerships with 2nd or even 3rd tier Chinese provinces and cities as well as mega-cities in other parts of South East Asia” Mr Yuan said.


Moreover, Mr Yuan outlined the following key areas as a road map for improvements to ensure South Australia is Asia-ready:

  1. South Australia needs to further promote the South Australian brand in Asia;
  2. South Australia should seek the involvement from Asian-Australian business leaders on how to engage strategically with Asia;
  3. South Australia should form a new “Asian Engagement Advisory Committee” of South Australian goodwill ambassadors to promote the South Australian brand as well as trade, tourism and strategic investment opportunities to build a solid bridge between the South Australian business community and Asia.


Mr. Yuan also mentioned that the Australia China Entreprenuers Club will soon launch its “ACEC Vision Fund” by December, 2018, to take advantage of the ‘vibrant growth expressway’ of South Australia, and he welcomes both Australian and Asian investors and businesses to get on board if interested.


Mr Yuan concluded that for Australia to harness unprecedented Asian opportunities and unlock a new era of long-term economic prosperity, strategic cooperation and mutual understanding, Australia should be more Asia-ready!


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