2016 Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia Award


About the Award

Co-launched by ABC iMedia and Australia China Entrepreneurs Club, Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia Award is an annual event aiming to recognize and honour the excellence of Chinese entrepreneurship from across all corners of Australia.

This Award recognises businesses of various sizes whose founders/owners are of Chinese background that take on great success in terms of the following four aspects:

  • Growth:

Business that develops rapidly, keeps challenging itself to meet changing market conditions and forges into the lead within the industry.

  • Contribution:

Business that makes significant contribution to the country’s business community, as well as Australia-China economy and trade development and culture exchange.

  • Innovation:

Business that demonstrates great ability to drive innovation in many ways, including but not limited to business strategy and tactics, product and service design, sales and marketing model, etc.

  • Philanthropy:

Business that commits to philanthropism and inspires others to take active participation in charity affairs.

With all these acknowledged achievements, businesses that make the mark on the ceremony stage are believed to inspire and encourage other Chinese entrepreneurship to make remarkable effort to win the trophy.

About the Award Ceremony

Proudly in its 2nd year and being staged as the most important event of 1st Australia Qipao Business Week (please refer to www.australiaqipao.com for detailed information), this year’s ‘Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia Award Ceremony’ made its way to Canberra, and was celebrated in the Great Hall of Parliament of Australia on February 13, 2017.

VIPs who attended the ceremony were:

  • Julie Bishop, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Zed Seselja, Representative of Australian Prime Minister
  • Wei Cai, Minister of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Australia
  • Rachel Stephen-Smith, Minister for Multicultural Affairs at ACT Government
  • Geoff Raby, Former Australian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China
  • Reginald Litter, Former Australia Deputy Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China
  • Doug Eaton, former Mayor of City of Wyong
  • Craig West, Executive Chairman of SME Association of Australia

Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia Award

1.Min Yang


Ms. Yang is the Director and Chairman of ASF Group Limited and one of the few outstanding Chinese women in the leadership of Australian listed companies. Over the years, Ms. Min Yang has been involved in real estate, telecommunications, hotels, mineral resources and other fields. She not only established the vast Asia-Pacific region commercial network, but also achieved remarkable achievements and a number of Business legends.

2.Monika Tu


Ms. Tu, the Founder and Director of Black Diamondz Property Concierge. She is active in the Australian real estate market and has become the leading Chinese broker of the industry revolution. So far, Ms. Tu has maintained a local sales record in several areas of Sydney, with annual sales of more than 200 million Australian dollars, and in 2014 she is rewarded by the Global Hong Kong Business Association Alliance for the “2014 Successful Career Story Award.” As the undisputed chief broker in the high-end property market in Sydney, Ms. Tu has been working with Black Diamondz Property Concierge team, which has been established to fully utilize mature international human resources and excellent communication and negotiation skills to create a continuous record of breaking the market and leading the market. The enterprise that she founded has acquired many achievements.

3. Wei Li


Mr. Li is Australian Chinese, and he began his journey to the entrepreneurship in September 1993. He is now the Chairman of Swan Wine Group. In 2010, he stepped into wine business. In the same year, Mr Li purchased Australia’s third largest brewery AVL Holdings subsidiary of the British Spirits Brewing Co., Ltd. In 2012, he created the brand “Auswan Creek” and entered the Chinese market. In 2014, after many rounds’ mergers and acquisitions with others in South Australia, the Swan Wine Group has formally formatted. Swan Wine Group has now become to Australia’s largest export wine enterprise in Chinese market.

4. William Wei


Mr. Wei has worked in a number of listed companies and multinational organizations and he has more than 25 years of business strategy, consulting, management, marketing, listing, financing, mergers and acquisitions and market operations management experience, he also good at new industries’, new projects’ overall planning, resources Integration and capital operation.

5.Benny Fan


Prof. Fan moved to Australia in the 1980s. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a doctor’s degree in acupuncture, a master’s degree in herbal medicine from the University of Sydney, and a visiting professor in the Department of Acupuncture and Massage of Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also the Chinese martial arts high section of seven (Dragon Warrior), Songshan Shaolin Temple thirty-one generation of disciples (Law: Shide Tak). From 2012, he has become to the Sydney Opera House medical adviser.

6. William Lin


Started from scratch, Mr. Lin founded LW Phoenix Property Investment Group in 2011 and co-founded SH INTERNATIONAL in 2013. In a few years’ time, he has become to a significant figure in the Australian real estate sales and development industry. Over the past six years, the company has developed into a large-scale real estate investment and sales company with an office area of over 500 square meters, and has nearly 100 employees. It is the sole agent for dozens of large-scale real estate projects and has become to an outstanding enterprise in the Australian real estate industry.

7. Adam Chen


Dr. Chen was born in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, P R China, came to Australia in 1984, for a Ph.D degree in geoscience in La Trobe University. He conducted geoscience research in Macquarie University in Australia and Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, publishing papers in internationally (China, Aust,  USA, Can, UK, etc)  prestigious journals.  He became an entrepreneur in Electrical Industry.  He is now the Director-National and International Sales of Electra Cables (Aust) Pty Ltd. Their company has been growing from a very small entity to now among the top 3 cable companies in Australia by increasing its turnover more than 80 times.

8. Jeff Suo


Mr. Suo is the Chief Operations Officer of Ovideo Media Pty Ltd, which is the first Chinese media company with cross-platform network media, all kinds of graphic information, audio and video streaming and public relations planning and marketing. It is committed to overseas promotion of Chinese fine cultural projects.

9.Jilong Zhao


Mr. Zhao, Founder of ‘Wuji’ Tai Chi, the first one who started the Internet kung fu education. China Central Television experienced kung fu column planner, host. Zhao Jilong specializes in martial arts culture promotion. He is a senior visiting scholar of the University of Michigan, Australian Academy of Nature Therapy scholars, and repeatedly invited to the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University and Peking Union Medical College to make health lecture.

10. Jiyan Wu


Mr. Wu was born in 1964 in Xiangyin County, Hunan Province. In May 2016, he visited Taipei as the global elite and met Mr. Ma Ying-jeou on May 17 in the presidential palace. He is currently the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the China Business Culture Festival. The Vice Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce and Culture Research. The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce. The Chairman of the Presidium of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The Trustee of the Alumni Association of the Tsinghua University Marxist College. The Trustee of Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences Alumni Association. Hunan University Alumni Association Executive Director. The Chairman of Hunan Xiang Business Culture Investment Company, Beijing World Chinese Business Culture Company.

2016 Young Chinese Pioneers in Australia

1.Leo Yang


Mr. Yang is Agro-Business Consultant and also a partner in the Moulamein, Mr. Yang has helped the company to establish a food processing plant in Australia in the top 10 food processing enterprises in China.

2.Jason Wang


Mr. Wang has founded Dentown Group, which is located in Sydney CBD. It is one of Sydney’s largest and most experienced real estate companies. Currently, it has sold more than A $ 300 million in real estate projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast apartments, luxury villas and land for construction. As a veteran real estate company in Australia, Jason led the team to provide a comprehensive, thoughtful and complete “one-stop” house purchase service for both investment clients and owner-occupiers, ranging from residential sale to subsequent lease, maintenance, management and resale.

3.Jianbin Lei


Mr. Lei comes from, Fujian, China and immigrated to Australia in September 2010, in the same year from November to 2013, he started from a garbage man and became to a chef in a Chinese seafood restaurant. He founded Mr. Stonebowl in August 2015 and it became very popular in Sydney.

4.Jianyu He


Mr. He is the Founder of iTrip.com. In Sichuan province, among many travel companies on the Internet, iTrip.com (iTrip爱去) has done hundreds of millions of transactions. However, this company which is providing overseas self-guided tour, has always been low-key. Project has reached to 10 million transaction when its online for 5 months. After two rounds of financing, it becomes to iTrip, and its business expanded to New Zealand and the United States.

5.Angie Wu


Ms. Wu has been involved in film & media industries since her tender age of 17. Having achieved academic excellence after years of higher education in top-ranked universities in Australia, Angie created Australia’s first Chinese Variety Talk Show, Au My Ga, which has been broadcasted on several influential global media channels including BBC.


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